Monday, April 25, 2005

Coo-Coo for Coconuts!

Aslan's drinks of choice, if you were wondering, would be martini or pina colada.

He was very disappointed when we took the coconut away. I had a friend from Sri Lanka in college who once made me rice cooked in coconut milk, so I have to say I appreciate Aslan's feelings, although I don't care for the meat....

Anyway, I was fairly productive this weekend. Here are two samples for AC Moore that I got finished. Each scarf is exactly one ball (literally, the final bind off stitch for each was dicey - no yarn left over) and is about 4" wide (the red) and 6" wide (the green) and about 30" long.

This is the Caron Feathers, which is softer than really anything has a right to be. I couldn't get over how this stuff feels, and while I'm not a fan of novelty yarns in general, I'd definitely give this yarn a serious thinking of next time I'm thinking of something fun and funky. Really - give this yarn a good fondle if you see it in person. Obviously it's a simple drop stitch pattern (I triple wrapped).

Here's Katia Duende. Also soft, but not as much as Feathers. This is just garter.

This one's still in progress. It's Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon alternating with Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes. I'm alternating the ribbon with one complete section of color from the stripes. I don't really care for either, and the colors are a bit garrish for my tastes, so I'm not particularly enjoying this scarf. But it's almost done, and I took a break to work on the King Tut cotton scarf for my mental health.

Just to remind myself that I am capable of non-trendy actual skilled knitting, I redid this to become this

This I love. I may have to go get more of this for myself. The pattern is from Knitting on the Edge, and it's exactly what I wanted. Remember I wanted something not too frilly, and sort of contemporary looking, but also I wanted a scalloped edge? And I'm shocked to say I don't even hate the bobbles on this. I'm not a fan of bobbles in general, but here, I like. This shot is the closest to the actual color I've gotten.


Blogger David said...

Have I mentioned yet how impressed I am with your knitting talent?

I am. Very.

In terms of your "the colors aren't quite right in this photo" woes, I use a really nifty shareware app called GraphicConverter that allows me to tweak colors real-time (contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation, set RGB separately or linked). It's not available for Windoze, unfortunately, but there might be something out there similar that could help you.... : )

7:20 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

11 days 11 days 11 days 11 days!


I'm sending good karmic thyroid thoughts to you ~ maybe you just have some nodules. They are quite common, and can really funk up your thyroid (my MIL had them for years, and didn't have her thyroid removed until she went through breast cancer, and the doctors thought it would be the best plan for her under the circumstances).

So, when can you and boys come out and camp at our RV paradise?


8:53 AM  
Blogger vi said...

did you say when the results are due?
hey, i'm old and I forget..... apparently EVERYTHING.

10:04 AM  

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