Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No pictures today, but there will definitely be some tomorrow! I had a fun knitting class today - just the one student, the good one who's been with me since the beginning. She just finished her very first sock (on horrid cheap acryllic, but she liked the color so much I convinced her to make it an around-the-house slipper) and she did a great job with it. While she was doing the final rows on that she went and bought some Lion Brand Magic Stripes for her first "real" pair, so I think she's hooked!

It's funny, because I have to remind myself when she's working in class that she looks a little stern while she's concentrating. She came in this morning with her one sock and nothing in mind for what she wanted to do next. After some prying, she mentioned colorwork, so I told her to go buy two balls of different colored yarn and come back, and told her she was going to learn Fair Isle.

I had her do two rows with both strands in her right hand. She complained a little about the twisting yarns but I told her that the way she was doing was the most technically simple, but I needed her to really understand why it was actually more difficult so that she would trust me on the other way. After two rows of that, I had her move one color to her left hand (she's a faithful "Standard" knitter) and keep the other in her right hand. She did it, with that sullen, stern expression, and I was getting nervous that she was hating it, and me, by the end. But after the two hour class, she had about four inches up (we used the chart only from the Plaid Poncho pattern in the most recent Vogue Knitting) and was saying how cool it was. There were some other AC Moore employees in the room, and they raved about what she was doing as well, which was a nice boost to her ego. We took the last few minutes of class and flipped through the magazine, looking at all the Fair Isle patterns in there, and comparing what she'd just done to those. She seemed excited that those patterns were significantly less intimidating now!

Then at the end of class, my boss said "hey - you wanna make some extra money?" ("Always")

She gave me about 15 balls of the new line of yarns (Caron has some SUPER SOFT things coming out this Spring - I'm actually really impressed!!!) and will give me $30 each for any small scarves (about 6"x36") I knit to go on display in the store. Most of the yarns are bulky/novelty stuff, so that won't take me too long, and I've been wanting some relatively mindless knitting lately, so I think it's a fair deal. Sure, the per hour wage isn't much on that, but since I can take the stuff to the movies and the radio station, it's not too bad either. I'll have pictures of all the yarn she gave me tomorrow...

Other than that, GB wants me to teach him how to make the Knitted Hand Grenade from this article. He does know how to knit, but will need some additional help purling, and following a pattern. And I'm looking for camoflauge colored BULKY yarn to do that with (I'm not going to torture him with the sock yarn) so if anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it!


Blogger David said...

Um... knitting a hand grenade?

What happens--you pull the pin and it snarls?

6:53 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

ok, ok, i know, it's icky acrylic, but red heart grande has a camo looking yarn. i saw it at hobby lobby here in omaha. do you have them there? give it a shot.

11:14 PM  

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