Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Weekend Starts Now!

(Okay, it actually begins in about 6 hours. But mentally, I'm on it already!)

I have to do a lot of catching up and moving ahead to make sure my office is suitable for someone who doesn't know my system to come in and cover for me for a few days.

I missed my little Columbia group again last night - sorry, girls - I just wasn't mentally or physically able. Hopefully next month things will be straightened out, and I'll be able to be there with bells on!

Class this morning was the biggest Tuesday class I've had in a while - 5 students, three brand new, one of which was the husband of one of the others! He picked things up fastest, and the other two did quite well also. I also had my quick student who comes every week. She just finished her first pair of socks - little anklets on worsted weight - and was working up the nerve to try the tiny needles and sock yarn. Another student is working on double points for the first time. The class was fun and pleasant, and really just what I needed after being so tired for so long. But at the end of the class, I went to teach the newbies how to bind off. I ususally teach the k2tog, place back on left needle, repeat method, because I find it easiest to explain and understand when all you know is cast on and bind off. It's generally very successful, and folks "understand" it quite well. But these three all had a hard time with it, even though I felt like I was explaining it in the same way I normally do, and then getting more detailed. It was odd. But they all said they'd be back next week, so we'll get it.

And other than that, I'm pooped. I've got a salad for lunch, which will hopefully stay down (started with a baked potato, and that seemed to be okay) and then I'll go to bed early tonight. Then it's MD S&W!!!! Class starts tomorrow and I'm very excited! If you see me, please come say hi - I'll be wearing green shoes, carrying this bag, and wearing a rose in my hair!


Blogger David said...

Ah... weekend....

I remember what those are. I hope to have one again someday soon....

But enjoy yours, regardless! : )

4:14 PM  
Blogger vi said...

you feeling better amie?
gees girl, you will be the death of me yet.... now I am going to worry about you until saturday
(who also projectile vomits but only from pain)

5:09 PM  
Blogger CrazyFiberLady said...

I'll be looking for that bag! After being envious of all others going to MDSW, I could no longer withstand the siren call. The twins and I are going! Look for a little chick with chin length brown hair pushing a double stroller :) See ya there!

9:32 PM  
Blogger ann said...

it's not enough that everyone is going to MSWF except me -- now you've got a great bag! ~sniff~

have some pity and tell me where you found that adorable tote!

10:52 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

Why, the Knitters Review Boutique of course!!!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous dragonridermom said...

You were certainly missed Mon night. Sorry to hear just how sick you were. Hope you feel better by the week-end. I will be looking for you at the KR lunch.

8:11 PM  

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