Monday, August 29, 2005

Can't Trust That Day...

After a nice weekend, I woke up this morning and felt extremely luxurious that I had all of Sunday to relax and knit and not have any schedule...

Then I realized it was actually Monday.


Let me instead dwell on some random miscellany from my weekend. Friday I had a knitting class, and on the way home stopped by Best Buy to get an AOL disk so I could get back on the internet at home, and to look for a specific adaptor (microphone mini-plug to USB port). I got the disk, and was asked if I needed "help finding anything" from the associate, which I thought was a good sign, since at least he didn't just walk past me, cuz there I was a girl who had obviously wandered into the electronics department by mistake. I say, I thought it was a good sign, but obviously I was wrong.

"I'm looking," said I, "for a mini to USB adaptor. I have a microphone which has a mini-plug, but also has a larger plug adaptor, so if that's the only USB adaptor we can find that will work too."

"Doesn't exist. Buy a sound card."

"I have a sound card, but that doesn't provide the kind of sound quality I need."

(rolling eyes and becoming almost 13-year-old-girl in his snottishness) "Then buy a better sound card."

I considered very briefly having a discussion with him on the "better sound card" only improving output on the sound, and microphone involving input, and if we really wanted to get specific the greatest sound card on the planet would record extra fuzz and sound and air if it was using an internal microphone on a computer, or an external omni-directional microphone, instead of the unidirectional microphone that I have. Very briefly.

Instead, I wished him good day and wandered off to look at video games.

There I found a game that had really pretty pictures on the box, and didn't list massive violence or anything else like that on the rating section, so I thought I'd give it a try (it was Echo, for those interested) I couldn't find a box that listed Mac compatibility, so I decided to ask. I wandered for a while, since everyone who looked available for help was standing in a huddle by the computers where I had just left my sunshiney helper from before, but I finally found someone. He said "Oh, didn't know there was a difference between PC and Mac. Let's go ask Geek Squad" and walked me to the front of the store.

He stood there with me while I talked to the guys from Geek Squad, and when I was done said "I'm glad you came in - I learned something new! Thanks!"

THAT, my friends, is customer service.

(no, it's not available for Mac, I got the 10th Anniversary of Myst instead)

I spent Saturday with my family - big brother and Brother-Out-Law came down from PA. It was really nice, since we almost never see BOL, and what was going to be a moderate day, then suddenly became a shorter day, and then at the last minute ended up being a rather long day was really nice.

Then yesterday I spent playing with the new computer (yesterday's task was to calibrate the battery) and knitting (trying to catch up on some commission pieces that I got WAAAAYYY behind on when life attacked me this summer). One of the geeky little toys on the new computer is the calendar (iCal) which I can color code each different category however I choose, so I've scheduled in that commission work and hopefully if I bust my butt for a while I'll be able to catch up without too much embarrassment.

At home, Oscar is his normal goofy self, but Trevor has been really clingy and that means Aslan hasn't been spending as much time with me, so he's getting a little depressed. Ah, the emotional health of cats.

Otherwise there aren't any good pictures, but I do have three more yarn samples for AC Moore that I might be able to finish this week, so maybe I'll have shots of that this week.


Blogger Lanea said...

Congrats on your spiffy new

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humph. Here's comments for you too, snide gal! I have had similar experiences with the folks at my local CompUSA, whom I generally find to be eeeeeeeeejits. (Yes, say it exactly that way.) They had newly advertised (that morning) a sale on a USB/Firewire hard drive...but didn't have any in stock. In all of the central Florida area. How do you DO that? Put something on sale that you don't have ANY of??? (OK, OK, of which you don't have ANY???) So I pestered and pestered and finally they gave me a bigger, better hard drive for the sale price. Because they're about a bright as small appliance bulbs in my local store. Seriously! See? I do read your blog too, but not being a yarner, knitter, spinner or doggie owner, I really best love the photos of the kitties on the top of the kitchen cabinets, and now, of course, MAC TALK!!! Whoo hoo!!! (It's about time. Seriously.)

I love you!

LaliƤna )

10:36 PM  

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