Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In the process of cleaning the kitchen this weekend, I found a ball of yarn and half-finished sock that I've been missing for several months. We don't need to discuss what this says about my house-keeping skills that it took me several months to find a ball of yarn, and that I then found it in the kitchen. I prefer to think that yarn in the kitchen (and in every other room of the house) is as it should be. But this means that I have yet another unfinished sock, so this one came to work with me today. I have a few (maybe three) more inches on that before I finish, and then I'll start the second. The fun will be remembering how many stitches I used for the various heel configurations.

But other than the socks I'm really not doing a lot of fiber stuff. I did do a tiny bit of spinning - the first I've done since the surgery. But mostly I'm torn between still feeling pretty tired and rare bursts of energy that leave me desparate to clean up my surroundings - it's all about the feng shui! This coming weekend I'll do some work on the bedroom, I think, and maybe get one of my fountains up and running. I haven't had them going since I moved in here, and while the fish tanks accomplish the same chi, I still miss the fountains (particularly my fairy fountain, but that's rather large and takes up more space than I have right now). I think once I get the house much more organized in a reasonable (ie: non-bachelor-pad kinda way) I'll feel a lot better over all.

AC's wife-figure just came to pick him up from work since he's having car trouble. I've seen her maybe three times in the year+ that AC and I have worked together, so needless to say we are not close. And she did that thing I hate. Really hate. That "How are you feeling?" with the pitying eyes. And then, because I probably wouldn't recognize her if we passed on the street and I'm certainly not going to tell her how I'm really feeling, when I say "Good thanks, how are you?" she does this weird thumbs up "Atta girl" thing with wayyyy too much enthusiasm, like I'm a toddler taking my first steps. Perfectly well meaning folks (and I do know she means well) get very condescending when something like cancer gets tossed into the picture. It doesn't help that AC is beyond asinine about it (if I'm not wearing a scarf and we have a new client come in, he likes to point out my scar and tell them I had a botched tooth-pulling proceedure and then laugh like a hyena as though he was the wittiest thing on the planet) and I figure if she's dumb enough to spend every waking moment with a repulsive creature like him there must be something pretty seriously wrong with her too. But I do know she means well.

My guild meeting is tonight, and I'm trying to decide if I have enough energy to go...


Anonymous marti said...

I can so relate to that *how are you feeling* question. I absolutely despise it. Cause it always makes me feel like sh**. I am glad you found your sock. And no it did not surprise me in the least that you found it in the kitchen. Isn't that where all the important things are?

5:22 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Hey, could you check your kitchen and see if you find my other fingerless glove? It's still missing. Maybe it got fed up with my mess and decided to run away!

Rest up, now! There's spinnin' to be done!

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just need to know, where in the kitchen? You know, as sort of a file-for-future-reference thing.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Sedie said...

a sock in the kitchen? Ok, now I know where to look if I miss something. . . rest up!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Bess said...

Feng shui! Yes! I'm reading a pretty good book about it right now as we live. At home. Of course. Not right now. I'm typing a post to you right now. You know.


I'll get you the title. I want a shui house full of chi. I want WRONG out of my life!! Triumph is waiting up ahead. I will flow like the river.

(yes. this really is me writing this, just that OtherMe - the one we only see when the moon is full and the wind is from the north)

12:25 PM  

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