Monday, August 08, 2005

Well, I have a loaner computer from my parents set up at home, but it's a ten year old Mac and I can only get to some sites sometimes. Most important was being able to access e-mail, and that's taken care of, and I really do appreciate the loan, as well as the help setting it up and cleaning this weekend.

While working on the loaner at home, I am shopping for a laptop for myself. My brother is a firm believer in Macs, whereas I have no particular brand loyalty at all.

So I am opening this up to blogland and seeing what you all brilliant (and, might I add, attractive) folks think.

Here's what I want:
* ease of use for someone who's not particularly gifted in the computer department,
* a good sized screen, although I'll be using it a lot for audio work, so it doesn't need to be all that fancy like for advanced gaming or anything...
* CD burner
* the fastest whatever and best memory I can get for under, say $1500 (well, I'm saving up anyway)
* I don't know anything about the numbers and stuff that go along with all that stuff.

Thoughts on that?

(if you offer suggestions, please be sure to include a model number or something, so that I can find the computer you think I should get!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an absolute Mac devotee, but I'm going to recommend a PC. Why? Compatibility. 96% of the country uses PCs, and there are a lot of sites and software that don't work on Macs. You're used to a PC anyway - the laptop will work the same as your old computer, so not much learning curve, unless you count trying type on those teeny-a**ed keyboards. I highly recommend a docking station and full-size keyboard on a laptop.


2:59 PM  
Blogger snowballinhell said...

I bought my kid a 12" Mac powerbook last year for high school graduation. It's been quite the workhorse and hasn't had any compatibility issues yet. She can access everything at the university without trouble.

We've loved it so far, but I'm a diehard Mac fan. I use Windows at work and hate it.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Get thee to and browse. My extended family has five Dells and I have one at the office, nobody has ever had a problem. They also have this nifty configuration thing where you tell them what you want it to do and they make it do it.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Knit Chick said...

Three words: Get A Dell. Good deals and good customer service. Plus, you can pick and choose what you software and hardware (from a an assortment they provide). They have pretty good prices & their online help site is pretty extensive.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Samantha said...

I highly recommend a Mac, there aren't issues with compatibility anymore and they just last longer! Mac are more easily upgradable with new versions of the operating system and with new hardware. There are also fewer viruses written for Macs so there is less threat (the threat is still present). I own both Mac and PC laptops and have for years. I upgrade every 18 months or so (I work with computers) and I always keep a Mac for my personal machine. Avoid Dell at all costs. I bought a Dell laptop and a desktop for my partner and they both have been serviced 2-3 times each in 2 years. Dell customer service is awful. There answer to everything is to wipe your hard drive clean and reinstall the OS even when I know that it is a hardware issue. The motherboard on the laptop was replaced twice before the repair guy actually brought out one that worked!!

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get one with a decent display size, mine is 16". A separate keyboard would be great, for "at home" use. Mine is a Compaq Presario 3000 and is 2 1/2 years old. I've never had any issues with it - other than those caused by DS! Samantha has a point concerning on line help. They think that a new mother board is a cure all for even the easiest fix that can be done by the neighborhood shop for 1/5th the cost!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I am a big Mac loyalist, though fluent in both and use both on a daily basis. But if I remember correctly from a discussion on KR, you wanted to use a couple of Adobe audio programs that weren't available for Macs. Normally I'd tell someone to just go ahead and pick up a copy of Virtual PC, but a major program like that is going to run slowly on VPC, so I'd say, as much as it pains me to say it, buy a PC. (Though frankly, I'm still just plain stunned that Adobe hasn't made Mac versions of these programs.)

11:18 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

I've been a PC user since the Commodore 64 ;o) so that is what I am going to recommend (I'm also a closet geek, okay not so much 'closet' and a little more like 'don't like to talk about it much' geek). I haven't had to use much of the support that is out there for the assorted companies that are out there but when my laptop did a humondo hiccup thing (I'm a geek, but I don't want to bore everybody with the terminology and there isn't enough space here to explain what exactly happened) two weeks ago I was on the phone with Toshiba for a grand total of 20 minutes and hung up with a case # and the phone # and address of my local Toshiba fixer :o)) It was under warrantee for the hardware only however they found that the problem was software related - but they fixed it anyway! My SO has the fixed Toshiba now and I went out and purchased myself an HP dv1310 that I L.O.V.E. - especially now that I've installed my 2 gig of RAM ;o)) Anywho, somewhere in the murkiness of the life story I just told you is a glowing review of Toshiba and a love affair with my HP dv1310 that is all of a week old :o) I hope it helps ;o) On the Mac side our friend bought a Mac laptop that he has had trouble with from the very beginning (a year ago) and can't seem to get working - and has had a rough time with their support. It now sits in its bag in his living room and is a permanent part of his decor as a paperweight. :o(

5:30 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

okay I just re-read that. I am not recommending a Commodore 64 (they're a little slow) - I am recommending PC's ;o)

5:32 PM  
Blogger Ana said...

I vote for a Mac. I've owned Macs for years and have never had any problems. I sometimes hear stories about PC's and problems I've never even heard of.

Mac's are more expensive but a nicer machine. It's like a car, both a Jeep and a Rolls with get you from point a to b but the ride in the Rolls is just much smoother and nicer.

As far as compatibility I have all the software I've ever wanted it has not been a problem for me. Also I own laptops and I like them much better than desktop models.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Margot said...

First off, whatever computer you end up getting buy a UPS [uninterupted power supply]. It will cost more than a surge protector, but offers much greater protection. Here is some info from a commercial site that explains the difference. Since your electricity source has already proved its unreliability, this is essential to protect your new investment.

Secondly, Dell. Reliable machines at a good price. If the machine you choose doesn't come with 1G of RAM, pay the $ to upgrade. Your computer will be so much faster. Feel free to email me w/ questions about specs and models after you look around.

10:29 AM  
Blogger erica said...

I'm another Mac loyalist. Before you buy anything, you'll definitely want to check out the software you plan on using and see what systems the software will work on. If it doesn't work on a Mac then, of course go with a PC. If it works on a Mac, check out the new Mac iBooks. My husband and I recently purchased a Mac Mini, but it's a desktop computer. It was to upgrade from my five year old iBook, that we're still using.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Sedie said...

I use both systems, but I LOVE the MAC!!!! Good luck with your choice.

6:47 PM  

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