Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a Rare Mood I'm In...

On the way to my knitting class yesterday morning I noticed one of my tires was running pretty low. So I dropped sweet Norman off at Mr. Tire, where the service is always embarrassing, but they're within walking distance to my class, even wearing boots with heels as I was.

In class, I had a woman who wanted definites. She would ask me a question (then interupt frequently while I tried to answer) and expect the answer to be, for example, EVERY TIME you decrease, you must IMEDIATELY increase afterwords. You would NEVER increase first. EVER.

Sorry, kiddo, life and knitting ain't about the definites.

I then walked back to Mr. Tire, was reminded of their lovely and attentive service once again (sorry, should I have put a sarcasm alert there?) and then went home to get money so I could take it to the bank so the check for that brilliant service wouldn't bounce.

When I got there, I found Oscar's rope tied. When I say his rope, I mean the large coated string of several metal wires twined around each other for added strength. Oscar weighs about 50 pounds, we got the one that's supposed to be strong enough for a (I think) 100 pound dog. We might have gotten the 150 pound dog. This is a rope that certain little bossy ones couldn't even drag around the yard. My big non-bossy dog broke it. One of the neighbors managed to tie a faux-knot in it, and so my trip to the bank became a trip to Petco as well, for a rope that would hold a 150 lb dog or a 50 lb pitbull.

At Petco, I met Felix. Felix is a ... something... bird-of-some-kind-that-looked-like-a-lovebird-but-that's-not-what-his-mommy-said-when-I-asked. Felix was differently colored than the bird in the link, but was that size and had the same body and beak type - that kind of bird. I know very little about birds. I know more than the average person about cats and dogs, I can keep fish alive if they aren't going to die anyway (and with fish, they are) but birds, I know nothing. Except that chickens will drink scotch from a glass even when the vet says they won't. I've lived with chickens, and pet and carried them. But little birds that live in the house, I'm stumped. Which means therefore that I'm pretty fascinated with them. And since my latest in the now-three-weeks-straight-of-wild-n-crazy-dreams saga was about birds, Felix caught my attention. His mom said I could pet him, he disagreed. I reached slowly to pet him, and he stepped on my hand. So I reached my other hand to pet him, and he stepped over to that hand. When I tried to pet higher up on his body, I got a beaked. That is, a very gentle bite that if he'd had gums I would have said he gummed me, but being a bird, he beaked me. He stuck his so-ugly-it's-cute tongue out at me and beaked me several more times. I was informed this was not a sign of anger or displeasure, just a little aviary exploration. So Felix was cool.

On the way home from that little excursion, I stopped by the video store, where I met reason number 48 to graduate high school. I got the movies I wanted, and proceeded to stand in line. "Line" is really a relative term, since I was the only one there. Mr. Reason stood with his back to me, playing with a stapler. This was not me misinterpretting him stapling important documents that the losing of which could result in his termination. Unless he would be terminated for not making the stapler perform an elaborate stapler dance, complete with turns and splits. I don't know, maybe that's the case. I'm unaware of Blockbuster's employment guidelines. I clicked my heels on the floor. I cleared my throat. I said "excuse me?" When he finally meandered over, he looked at my movies and said "You aren't getting Batman?"
Um. Do I have Batman in this pile?
No, I saw it in the theater, and that was enough, thank you.
(with a snotty little tone he replied) "I guess you don't like comic book movies. Well, I really enjoyed it"
DUDE - what do you get commission if I rent Batman? I don't want Batman! Saw it! Not overly impressed! Back off!

I did however get some knitting done in front of the non-Batman movies I rented (which were so fabulous and memorable that now, less than 24 hours later, I can't remember what they were. I shoulda rented Batman)

In fact, what looked like this Sunday morning
now looks a lot more like this, but with a few more rows on down at the bottom that look vaguely like the tops of trees.


Anonymous Shea said...

I think this rare mood is catching... I've been in a odd mood for about a week now and it's... well... odd. Even with going to the Games and SAFF coming this weekend and a brilliant bday dinner last night with Jim... still that odd mood is hanging around... weird. Maybe I should watch Batman.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

We have a tough small dog too - she bent the door on her crate (all heavy metal) in an attempt to get out. Must be small dog complex.

I'm not sure what mood I'm in but your's seems like a pretty good one to be in. :) Maybe I need my head examined.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Yea, the Xmas socks are going forward toward their completion!
And a roar was heard from the crowd ("roar!")

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see any talk about sock drinks.
So, you're getting a bird soon? Keep it in a room on the west side of the house, if you don't like getting up early.And congratulations on the progress.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I love the Christmas Sock - gorgeous. I suppose my "holidays are almost upon me denial" should be put aside and I best get knitting! thanks for the inspiration.

11:09 PM  
Blogger purlewe said...

yippee on the sock. I know how hard going it is. You are doing fabulous.

plus I love you describing reason number 48 to us. I really appreciate that kind of interaction.

lastly I knew a bird once.. and the owner told me that if theya re not snapping as it to bite the finger off then they are "probing" and finding out more about you with the beak and tongue.

2:36 PM  

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