Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Encore! Encore!

And so I give you the traditional Birthday Song:

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Blogger David said...

And the lyrics, for anyone who can't make them out after the cell-phone-to-voicemail-to-audio-blog process:

So today is your thirtieth birthday.
It’s the start of your fourth mortal decade.
And it’s also the time many folks say
that they’ve once again turned twenty-nine.

But your thirtieth year was a doozy.
Looking back on it makes me feel woozy.
And so, rather than make you feel bluesy,
let’s look forward to happier times.

If this song has a bridge, I don’t know it,
and at this speed I’d probably blow it
if I tried anyway, so I’ll throw in
a uke solo, then on to verse four.

(ukelele solo)

Yes, the world is your oyster on this date.
(You can eat iodine now—that’s so great!)
And if your present from me arrives late,
it’s the fault of amazon dot com.

Happy birthday, sis. : )

9:31 PM  

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