Monday, November 21, 2005

I've got GAS

... ah, that would be God Awful Stockings.

I spent all weekend doing this
That's Aslan, of course, under the blanket with me. I keep trying to tell him that his breed hails from Scandanavia and so he should be happier in cold weather, but he disagrees. Particularly in regards to that blanket, a favorite among felines in my family. That blanket is probably twenty years old. I remember begging my parents for it as soon as I saw it in the catalog, labeled "Sheep Dreams" (the white blobs are sheep, and there is one black sheep on there as well, and no, I wasn't a knitter by any degree at that point), and they gave it to me for Christmas. It's still one of my favorites to snuggle under. Just beyond Aslan's ears you can see a ball of sock yarn. This is no accident. This is the carrot before the horse, since I'm not allowed to knit anything else until these are done, the tempting yarn is there to keep me motivated. Sort of.

But it did help me to get to this

which means that last night was spent turning this

into this

Because these stockings will be used, and she didn't want lining, I'm gluing in the ends once woven, just to be safe. So the glue is drying now, and I'll seem up the backs of the legs tonight. There's still one more stocking to go before I'm officially done, but I'll be happy to have these out of my house.

We've had such warm weather here I'm all screwed up in the head (okay, there are a lot of reasons I'm all screwed up in the head, but I'm choosing to blame the weather for this particular screwed-uppiness) and can't seem to believe it's late November. I'm fighting the urge to decide now to start some Christmas gifts, as I do have a deadline for another thing I'm working on, but I suspect there will be a few pairs of last minute socks. We'll see.

I can't do too much because for some reason this month is the first in ages that has any movies I'm particularly interested in, and there are about 5 that I really want to see, and I knit slower in the movies....


Blogger Jane said...

At least you can hope that in 30 years they'll all still treasure their handknitted stockings. My sis still has hers, and she's 56! (Of course, she's the first born and they always get the good stuff, while the rest of us, like this poor middle child, get felt things from the department store with our name spelled out in glittery glue. But no, I'm not bitter.)

5:53 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Brava! on all that weaving-in-of-ends. (BTW, may I steal Aslan's name for my next cat? How perfect!)

7:50 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Ah-HA! You knit the top flat for the intarsia, then do the foot in the round, right? I was wondering how you were doing these. Clever!

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Shea said...

The stockings look great Amie! I've had an AHA! moment knit wise... things are actually starting to look correct instead of... well... not.

Here's hoping to actually go see a movie this week... last movie I saw in the theater was 13th Warrior!!


8:08 PM  

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