Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Long Drive Home

The very second I pulled out of the driveway at work my Idiot Light came on. Time to get gas.

Alright, that's fine. Trusty little Normal gets terrific mileage, so I could easily go halfway along the thirty mile trip to the gas station that normally has the best price by several cents. So off we went.

Now, I have to drive past the local mall in order to get home. Anyone else realize it's four days before Christmas? Why aren't these people KNITTING? Instead, they're acting like they have all the time in the world to shop????

Around this time GB calls to tell me he won't be home AGAIN because some idiot has done something AGAIN that means he have to go do some investigation AGAIN instead of actually seeing his wife. At which point I learned that I am not mature enough to respond kindly to such news while knowing it's not his fault, but I am mature enough to not tell him what I was really thinking, so I figure it balences out.

But I get through that and into the creeping slow traffic on the highway. And out of habit drive right past the exit for the cheap gas station. I'm now starting to get a little worried about the level of gas. So I take the very next exit, and pull into a gas station, not even looking at the price.

I reach down for my purse, and pick up the bag that held the sock (photo below)... right. The bag that held the sock is NOT my purse, nor does it have any money or credit cards. My purse is no where to be seen.

So rarely do I forget my purse that my actual first thought is not shit, I forgot my purse but is actually shit, someone broke into my car

Yes. While I was driving it.

By now I am praying to the gods of refried beans that Norman has more than half a gallon of gas in his tank. We have to travel fifteen miles back to work, turn off the car while I run up to the office and fight with the alarm codes, turn the car back on, and drive a few miles to the nearest (and wildly expensive) gas station. So I need at least twenty miles worth of gas.

The gods of refried beans bless Norman.

We coasted into the gas station on fumes, drove past the mall again (seriously, people, shopping? Christmas is SUNDAY -KNIT, folks, KNIT!) and up the crowded highway to home, where, when I arrived, it appeared as though someone had set off a bomb, scattering cat parts everywhere.

Anyway, as promised, here's the sock as it stood upon the end of my workday. It's a little big on me because her feet are a little larger than mine. I did a larger heel than I usually do, and while I like the fit, I was pretty bored silly by the time I finished the heel flap. So I'll make the other to match it, but then I'm not sure I'll do such a roomy heel again.


Blogger purlewe said...

kitty ka-boom?

(did someone say blast?)

glad norm gives such good gas mileage.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous twig said...

It must be the time of year to hope and pray the car makes it to the gas station. Thankfully, my office is in my home and I live within 1/2 mile of 3 gas stations.

I love the yarn for the sock. I'm doing my first pair of toe-up socks now and had an issue with the measuring before starting the heel so they've turned into a Hannukah present for my husband. One day I hope to figure it out for me.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Ah yes, the gods of refried beans were good to you and Norman.

I haven't tried a toe-up sock yet. May have to give it a shot after the first of the year using the sock yarn I got from Helaine in the Round Robin.

Happy Happy, Merry Merry!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 1 and a half days left! Then you and Norm can take a well needed rest!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry from me and mine.

Nancy in CA
Emma and Gracie keeping warm in PA

Love ya toots!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hooray, Norman!!!

I love the colors in that sock!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Jan B. said...

LOL! I certainly do enjoy your blog!!


5:10 PM  
Blogger Jensgalore said...

Love the sock. Cute, cute. Have I ever mentioned how much I love socks? Given my druthers I would have about 10 times as many socks as shoes. I would be the Imelda of socks. They are so pretty! and shapely! and they feel so nice on my feet!

I would be knitting, but I am scared stiff of inviting the carpal tunnel gnome to come back again. I think what set me off last month was the hat I was pushing to finish for my daughter. A hat! A stupid hat! Although, granted, it does just look adorable on her. :-)

10:26 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Great socks!

What kind of car is Norman? He sounds cute.

11:30 PM  

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