Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not Plain at All!

Jane just reported to me our 200th sock knit!!!!!

That means she pushed us over the TEN PERCENT completed mark!


In addition to being a wonderful, sweet soul, a kind friend, and a funny woman, she's a fabulous knitter, spinner and painter!

I also like what she's done with her Two-Thousand-Socks button - she keeps a tally of her own contributions to the cause!

Thanks for playing along, Jane!


Blogger Jane said...

Awwww, shucks! 'Twern't nothin'!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous twig said...

I've got 2 more done! Woohoo. I'm kicking sock butt! (If a sock had a butt that is)

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Suzie said...

Add two gull wings (SSS) for me mama.....

10:23 AM  
Blogger aija said...

Add 2 more socks to the ticker for me, please! 200sox has really got some sock knitting fire going under me :)

3:43 AM  

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