Saturday, September 16, 2006

Big Buffalo & Tiny Fairies

This arrived at my door today.

As you can see, it's a large box.

Significantly larger, in fact, than my bomb sniffing guard cat.

But not terribly heavy.
After all, buffalo fiber doesn't weigh a whole lot!

A friend's mother had been given some buffalo fiber at a friend's farm and didn't really know what to do with it.

Well, that friend isn't a spinner, nor does she have any real desire for buffalo, being as it's so warm...

So she said she'd send me the fiber to see if it's usable, and if not, fine, and if it is, we can work out a trade!

As you can see, it's very dirty - not just loaded with VM but extremely dusty as well - and will likely take several careful washes to get it clean enough to use, along with some sorting through to remove guard hair. And I think a few spots are a little felted. So basically, it will be an exciting game, but one that I won't know the final results of until it's nearly over!

Of course, the three furry gentlemen in my house have been strutting around with their little chests puffed out as though they'd brought the durn buffalo down themselves. The egos are just going to be unbearable around here, I can tell.

After a quiet, retrospective day yesterday looking at old photos, singing old songs, and crying a good bit, I did a little fluffy knitting - nothing for work, just a piddling little attempt at PDA modesty. (er, that's PDA "Personal Data Assistant" not "Public Display of Affection," which is decidedly immodest)

You see how far I got before I ran out of yarn? Over there on the left?


My design might take a little reworking - if I do away with the little flap/closure on the right there, I'll have enough to finish the cover flap on the left, I think. But of course that means ripping it aalllll out and starting over from the very first stitch. So we'll see if I follow through on that or just break down and buy a sturdy leather cover.

It does need a case, I'm convinced of that, since the flap it came with is already starting to wear a little from being opened and closed and tossed in my purse and just generally lived with.

And this little girl helped me through a bit of my mopiness yesterday too.

She's a toilet fairy. See her little toilet brush?

You see, I (kinda) live with a man who, like most men, only sees the things that matter to him. The things that don't matter, become invisible. This is a common trait, you likely know someone who shares it.

Anyway, when I moved in with GB, we found that our housekeeping styles were drastically different. I have a slight propensity for clutter. He has an ability to not see bacteria until it could eat Cleveland. In one discussion about what he saw as my lack of housekeeping practice, I reminded him of the condition of his bathroom when I moved in, and pointed out that it had never been anywhere near as toxic since I'd moved in. But since he didn't think I did anything around the house, what did he think caused this increased level of cleanliness - the toilet fairy? (It made sense, the Wee Folk are quite active in my house. In the past, I sometimes had a money fairy who would leave $20 bills in my purse when I was low on gas or something...)

Brandy (you remember Brandy, don't you? She who made me those adorable Sheepy needles and the stitch markers donated for two-thousand-socks?) has heard me tell this story of our home's alleged toilet fairy, and somehow knew I would need a little pick me up, and so she sent me a toilet fairy. Now, don't get excited. Everyone knows that real toilet fairies move too quickly to be seen by mere mortals. This is simply a likeness of one, and she's hanging over my toilet now, so the real toilet fairy isn't lonely while she's doing her work!

Thanks, Brandy!


Anonymous Kris said...

Amy if you like the buffalo, I have 2 huge bags of llama that are in a similar state that I could be parted with.

If you are interested, pop over and leave a comment.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

I have a toilet fairy, too - she's getting up there in years, though. She'll be 17 in November ;o)

8:12 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Does the toilet fairy change the empty roll of paper, too? Now, that would be perfect!


PS The word verification id "ratfg," which sounds like a good curse word, doesn't it?

PPS New old wheel is in my car. We waved at you as we passed. Details when I get home on Tuesday night!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Kadiddly said...

what does one do with buffalo yarn? Assuming it is spinnable? I've always thought of buffalo has having rather coarse hair, and it seems like it wouldn't dye well. But then, I don't know much about dyeing and less about spinning. Interested in seeing how that works out for you!

4:04 PM  

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