Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I believe Heaven is a great big jigsaw puzzle, and each and every one of us is a piece. We all have unique bumps and quirks that make us fit in one specific spot in that puzzle. Now, there are pieces of this puzzle that don't fit with my puzzle piece. But that's okay. They still belong, they just fill in a different part of the picture than I do - neither is right or wrong, both are beautiful, both as they should be. Neither of us has to alter our shape, we just have to find our proper part of the picture and do our best to make our portion of heaven more complete, without demanding that either of us cut or bend our pieces. All we have to do is be the best piece we can, and remember that everyone else is being the best piece they can, and that we're just a small little part of a great big heaven. The pieces around me that fit right along with me are my husband, my brother, and my family, and some very special distant friends (more than I can link too)... even Aslan and Trevor and Oscar and Misha all are little furry puzzle pieces that belong next to me and make my tiny little view of heaven a little bit bigger and a lot more beautiful.

And a year ago today, on a fluke of happening to stumble over a blog and a commenter within that blog who both wanted to meet up for some knitting time, my puzzle grew even more. It very quickly expanded, and merged with another small group in the area, and in no time it was clear this was something very special.

Most Monday nights since then, and several other days in between, I've had a group of raucous ladies to laugh with, to sometimes cry with, to walk with and talk with and knit with and feel like I belonged with. They haven't replaced the special others in my life, but they've filled a void, and I'm very blessed to have them (and the others who aren't in this photo).

JigZone: tiarasforeveryone Jigsaw PuzzleHappy Valentine's, girls!

May your tiaras shine and your knitting styles suck forevermore!


Blogger Laura said...

We love you too!

Also, your knitting style sucks. Just thought you should know. :D

11:43 AM  
Blogger Coleen said...

love you girly! I hope the evil cold of death has left you!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a pleasure to see the friends you speak of so often - frequently nicely! It was worth the 15 minutes or so it took me to assemble the puzzle (It only took 5 to put your face together, though, sweetie!).

6:39 AM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Well that puzzle took longer than I thought! Thanks for the fun :)
Love you too!
Happy Valentines day!

4:31 PM  

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