Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks, our own way

Thunder, lightening, rain, and tornados meant we didn't see the scheduled fireworks last night. But we made fireworks of our own with some finished projects.

Jen finished her go-with-the-flow socks

and Coleen finished this amazing gift

at some point we realized we were being spied upon
(do you see the eyeball?)

and we flirted briefly with Buffy before she had to go back to bed.

Who needs crowds of oohs and aaahs when you've got friends like these? Thanks, ladies!!


When I got home, there was a row of feral children lined up in the parking lot like bowling pins (at eleven PM, mind you) setting off firecrackers. They started doing this sometime Saturday. When I opened the door, one ran over and said (in that little voice only a three year old can do) "Excuse me, would you like to watch with us? we're exploding things!" and I replied that I appreciated her invitation, but had really had enough fireworks for a while". Oscar (who's been a nervous wreck since the fireworks began on Saturday) had to take care of his evening ablutions, so we went out together. The neighbors all said hi to him, set off a few more fireworks, and then the one who thinks Oscar is training his dogs in his (Oscar's) spare time apologized for freaking him out. Odd neighbors 'round these parts.

In any event, possibly because of firecrackers going off outside my window all night, I didn't sleep well, even for me.

So this morning I was pretty impressed when I didn't lose control and kiss the lovely UPS man when he brought me this package

never fear, the bomb sniffing cat did thoroughly inspect things, he was just afraid of having his process documented for security reasons

Inside, was this beauty

I decided I needed a hobby (this made many of my knitting girls laugh, but remember that knitting and spinning are work for me, so even though I love doing them, even though I'm wildly lucky to get paid to do them, there is pressure there that shouldn't be there for a true hobby). So I pulled out my old sewing machine, and discovered something was awry. It soon became clear that a new machine wouldn't be that much more expensive (maybe not at all) than getting the old fella repaired, so home came this lovely.

And after a lovely afternoon with Jody and Jen and Sarah, I made this

which will go to its intended recipient this weekend

I sewed my own fireworks.


Blogger Javajem said...

Yippee!! The bag looks great! I am so happy you liked your new sewing machine!

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My word! You do lovely work!
I am so impressed!
(I'd think so even if I wasn't your mother.)

9:18 PM  
Blogger Coleen said...

umm.... I wanna make that bag! Where'd that pattern come from??!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Kadiddly said...

Pretty bag! It looks great!

1:37 PM  
Blogger zippiknits said...

What a nice machine. Yay! And the beautiful bag you've made should re-kindle all the sewing cells in your considerable collection. See, it IS like riding a bicycle. You never forget how.

6:39 PM  
Blogger N. Maria said...

Love your knitting, bird and sewing! Love your bags! You are amazing!

11:45 AM  

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