Sunday, September 30, 2007

Walking My (Re)tail Off (photo and beg intensive)

Did you see the totals up above? We broke the $500 goal in less than a week (actually, it was broken by the end of the weekend, I was just waiting for paypal to transfer the amount to the Cancer Walk Bank Account.) So I've upped that total and fully expect y'all to rise to the occasion (go ahead - make me up it several more times before we're done!).

In addition, I've been walking my little tail off (and Oscar's, too, since he's been joining me for nearly all the training), so I'm over my anticipated mileage goal, too. Just so you know, I'm rounding down all the distances to the nearest half mile. If I walk 1.9 miles (as I did the other day) it gets rounded down to 1.5 for the tally. The two days in a row I did 2.1 miles (ME! TWO MILES!!!) got rounded down to 2 miles even (each). That's to guarantee that anyone who chooses to sponsor me by-the-mile training is getting their money's worth! I'm feeling my health/stamina improve pretty quickly, and find myself really looking forward to the time out walking with the dog (despite his rolling in raccoon poo today, literally cutting off my sentence explaining that I wasn't worried because he's never rolled in anything gross. My only theory is that he was thinking like those hunters who spray themselves with deer urine before they go in the woods, and was thinking he'd catch himself a raccoon. I didn't have the heart to tell him pitbulls are not hunting dogs. I did have the heart to let him pick the shampoo for his shower when we got home - he picked the Green Apple scented dog shampoo over the Johnson's baby wash.)

My walks are nothing compared to what Mokey just finished though! While she's resting up from that, she has VERY generously donated some lovely things to the cause - two causes, really, because she's donating half of the sales to my Walk Funds, and the other half to bandwidth fees over at Knitter's Review.

I've added a little info about the fiber content and yardage where I could, but otherwise, I'll let her explain it all (my additions are unbolded):

Please keep in mind that the proceeds will be evenly split between RoseByAny's walk and Knitters Review. You won't get a tax receipt but you will be helping out a wonderful board member, a wonderful web site and your wonderful stash!

Everything can be mixed and matched, provided someone hasn't gotten to it first. If you want sock pattern A with yarn Z instead of yarn B, be our guest.

I can only accept PayPal, prices include postage (to Canada or US) and all prices are suggestions - feel free to make a different offer if anything interests you.

Just e-mail if you're interested in anything!


divided into 2 50gm balls


sock unravelled for you on request!

Opal Crocodile is very hard to come by!

(Opal Crocodile: 75% wool/ 25% polyamide, 425 m per 100gm ball, Superwash)


Another great sock pattern, this one is perfect for knitting a bit at a time since it is based on building up squares. You can really make your feet dance with the yarn, Fortissima Colori 1000, Colour 9057, a mix of pink, red, white and black with sparkle.

(Fortissima Colori: 75% wool/25% nylon, 550 yds per 100gm ball, Superwash)


A lovely pattern that would actually work with this variegated yarn. The blues and greys will enhance the waterfall effect!

(Schachenmayr Crazy Cotton: 100% Cotton, Approx. 137 yds / 125 m per 50gm ball, Machine Wash)


As with all patterns from Red Bird Knits, well written and creative. I don't know exactly which yarn that is, but I am 95% positive it is from the Schoeller Stahl/Fortissima Disco series. This one is blue, brown, grey and white with some sparkle.

(Schoeller Stahl/Fortissima Disco: 71% virgin wool/ 26% Polymide/ 3%Polyester metallisiert, 460 yards per 100 gm ball, Superwash)


This is part of a trio of modular style sock of the month kits from
The yarn is Lana Grossa' Meilenweit Party in marled grey/blue, gold/brown, and blue black. A good yarn to knit socks for guys without getting bored.

(Lana Grossa Meilenweit Party: 80% wool/20% nylon, 462 yards per 100 gm ball, Superwash)


The beige, off white and medium green are all Scheepjes Cotton 8. The blues and dark green are Mandarin Petit

(Scheepjes Cotton 8: 100% Cotton, 170 meters to 50 gm ball, Machine Wash
Mandarin Petit: 100% Egyptian Cotton, 197 yards per 50 gm ball, Machine Wash)

NOVELTY YARNS, $10 (lot)

This is one of thsoe love it or hate it products for knitters. If you love it, buy it and support a couple of good causes.
3 x 50g Red Heart Twinkle(Black)
3 x 50g Moda Dea Frivolous(Garnet)
5 x 50 Red Heart Treasure(White)


4 x 25g of the lovely and discontinued Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply in Shrew, a greyish brown. One of the balls was started up for a swatch but it is all there.

(Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply: 100% wool, 120 yds per 25 gm ball, Hand Wash)


An excellent book for those wanting to get into felting, or for experienced felters wanting to add to their collection.

E-mail Mokey if anything catches your eye!

Again, all purchases include shipping, prices are negotiable, and as long as everything's available, things can be mixed-and-matched as you wish. Half of the purchase price will go to KR, half to my walk sponsorships. Thanks SO much for looking, for purchasing, and (most of all) for supporting!!!


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