Monday, May 26, 2008

Becoming a cat

Another week of Fiona growing and she's getting bigger and stronger every day. I've had several kittens in my life (who all grew to happy, perfectly neurotic cats) but never started with one as young as Fiona (who came to me at six weeks) so its been fascinating to watch her progress from silly little escape artist into someone with cat-like qualities.

Yesterday she weaved in and out between my feet for the first time. It's a vaguely affectionate act (it's actually designed as feline marking, rubbing all the gland-points on the person's legs, so strange cats know whose person this is in case it gets lost) but she hadn't done it yet. Apparently that behavior develops at nine weeks!

Oscar is training her (really) not to go near the door. She enjoys playing with shoelaces, which tend to hand out by the front door, and she plays hard. So she'll be throwing her tiny body all around and thump into the door accidentally, and it sounds like a knock. And Oscar barks. And the kitten gets scared and runs away from the door. So now she hangs out by the front door slightly less. Conditioned response and all.

She's also becoming a little more vocal, probably learned from the great orator Trevor, who likes to narrate that he's walking down the hall, or especially to perform original compositions on the subject of "everyone else has gone to bed and I'm in the living room all aloooooone." Aslan is a talker, too, but he tends to only want to discuss things of importance, whereas Trevor is more a "shoot the breeze" kinda guy. We'll have to see how much of a gossip Fiona turns into.

So here's the weekly shot of her with the pompom toy at 9 weeks:

and here is how the dog bed you saw in last week's video is getting used all too often:

(here is how it should be used:

sometimes you have to stretch all the way out to get full benefit)

(pardon all the cords, I'm rearranging furniture, and there are cords everywhere)


Blogger Kadiddly said...

My parents' cats always take over the dog's bed, too. It's a bit pathetic, really, this small cat will be curled up in precisely the center of the bed, while this Lab, who has a good fifty pounds and ten inches on her, will sit off to the side, looking longingly at the bed.

3:56 AM  

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