Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Attempts to keep Fiona contained and secluded from the boys failed, because of this:

So they've all met her, with careful introductions. Trevor likes her and plays with her very well, Aslan doesn't mind her as long as she stays on the other side of the room, and Oscar is so smitten with her it's a little embarrassing. The other night I couldn't get him to go to bed, he wanted to stay and play with the baby. For the two of them, playing means he stands or lies still (aside from the ever wagging tail) while she attacks him, jumps on his head, chews on his lips, wraps herself around his legs, kills his tail, bounces off his side and so on.

Until I get video of that, you'll have to make due with today's kitten cam:

Fiona is fitting into her home quite nicely, and keeping to the calico reputation with pride. (Yes, Catherine, I do think she's a Turkish Van - a breed noted for being white all over the body with color on the head and tail only. I admit it took me a bit to get used to the look, but she's pretty darn cute, even with the unusual coloring.)

To track her growth, here's the picture of her at 5 weeks old again:

And here she is now at 7 weeks:
Please note the only way to guarantee she'd play with that toy while I was pointing the camera at her was to move it near the dog. Please also note that now that I am no longer pointing the camera at her, she is dragging that toy around the room by its pom-pon.

And Oscar has a little upset tummy today, and wants to be babied like the kitten is. So he's sitting in a cat hammock until he gets his way.
(the hand-vac doesn't live there, I was cleaning this weekend)


Anonymous Angie said...

Congrats on your new kitten, Fiona. She is simply lovely and quite spunky. Your story of Oscar and Fiona playing made me laugh. Sounds like she's already found her place in your home and hearts.

10:26 AM  
Blogger weebug said...

what a great kitten, i will have to tell my own fiona that there is a kitten out there with the same name.

3:19 PM  

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