Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

When I was asking a few friends about ways to make little Fiona's growth a positive and healthy one, what with her not being around cats except for the first hours of her life, I kept hearing was that she would learn quickly from Trevor and Aslan. This gave me high hopes. Trevor is very devoted and loving and has a great sense of humor, and Aslan is extremely loyal and dignified and wise and well-behaved. Still, I didn't really envision things quite right.

She seems to have mastered Aslan's .... um.... fuzziness?
And Trevor's sense of adventure.

(the poor dog was doing his required sit-stay while I prepare his food. The kitten is not very good at sit-stays, but is good at helping herself to someone else's food.)

(please note the dog walked in just a step before me, and wasn't actually boogy-ing down with the "Guilty Party" going on here)

(playing in the dog bed with one of her favorite toys - a small stuffed bulldog)

(the large hungry bulldog is unamused.)

And here, a wrestling match, complete with occasional (waggy) referee. Aslan was in the box seats, purring away behind me, probably enjoying that Trevor has someone else to play with now!


Blogger erica said...

Oh my goodness that video is too funny. Fiona keeps egging Trevor on like "Come on, please play with me." I love how she scoots on her back.
Kitty fights are sometimes the most entertaining thing on the planet.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Trevor. I think Fiona has plenty of spunk now. Maybe you should re-name her, "Kitten who sleeps," or something.

5:35 PM  
Blogger mdebbrr said...

OMG tooooo cute!@

3:52 PM  

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