Friday, June 06, 2008

We all pitch in...

Over the years my extremely high quality home has developed water damage (that is to say that sarcasm isn't the only thing dripping around here). For a while I could pass it off as a security device, since only those invited in were allowed to know which areas had flooring underneath them, and which were magically levitating carpet. But with the rain this season, it became clear that if the weight of the dog was causing the carpet to pop through, I didn't stand much chance of making it out alive. So a large section of flooring by my front door has been removed (which happened one day while Oscar and I were at school and freaked us both out when we opened the door), rebuilt, puttied for smoothness (the kitten's footprint is one inch in size, for those wondering) and is being re-tiled right now.

Good times.

So there's been a lot of extra dust and grime and bugs and fun things around, and that means everyone has to do their part, as members of our family, to clean things up. Even wee Fiona has a job.

And for posterity's sake, Fiona, who looked like this at five weeks old,

looks like this at eleven weeks.

Definitely getting bigger. Her body is starting to change, too, face getting a little more angular instead of that generic baby roundness, starting to have actual long hair instead of just puff, starting to look like a little cat instead of a kitten! I don't think anyone else is interested really, but I'm enjoying watching her grow.


Blogger Tapsalteerie said...

Amie, I love your obvious love and affection for you cats and Oscar! I think it's beautiful! I take growth and development pics of my guys too (have you seen our new baby donkey?) although wee Miss Josie hasn't grown much considering how HUGE she was at birth!

I'm glad to see you posting again and have enjoyed your kitty-tales!


9:36 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Don't know about anyone else, but I certainly am enjoying watching Fiona grow.

9:53 AM  
Blogger erica said...

Fiona's so adorable. She makes me smile when I see the photos and videos of her. After losing George last month, I keep thinking we'll get a new cat soon but know it will be a while. At least I can live vicariously through you watching Fiona grow up.

11:38 PM  

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