Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work Out!

For my birthday this year I decided to give myself the gift of a nice treadmill. I shopped around, researching like crazy, as I tend to do, and then found exactly the one I wanted at 50% off. AWESOME.

But the thing is, I have this dog that likes to walk and play outside, so I feel a little guilty justifying a big purchase that theoretically takes time away from that (it doesn't, actually, because I can hop on the treadmill for five minutes at a time, which I can't do for actual walks outside but still...) And there are a lot of times when I'm too tired to take Oscar for a full walk and then do the other things I have to do during the day. Add to that, his agility class makes his head explode a little bit (as in, he is "in control" like your average two year old hopped up on sugar then put into an inflatable room filled with balls and circus clowns would be "ready for a nap") and I need something to take the edge off of that but still makes me able to stand for two and a half hours of dog school. So it's pretty clear the treadmill is for Oscar as well.

Here's the set up, along with the kitten, showing her usual extreme fear of all things new (ha)
checkin' things out

And here we are on week 2 of the training! The first day he got praise for standing on it (off) or reacting calmly when he was nearby and it was on (when I was on it). Neither of these were the slightest problem, nor did I expect them to be. After that, we worked on having him on it when it got turned on. The first time he stayed on once it was turned on he was on it for ten seconds before turning it off. (There's a cool emergency function, where there's a little tab you're supposed to tuck into your waistband (or, you know, collar) and if you go too far back, it unattaches itself from the machine and the treadmill turns off.)

We're up to about 30 seconds now, with constant feeding (and, as usual, tail wagging) throughout, although to be honest, in this video he finishes the food in the first few seconds and is simply gumming my hand after that.

I can do much, much longer than thirty seconds, but that's only because I'm in SO much better condition than Oscar. *cough* Okay, but really, I can run for two minutes straight and not collapse afterwords, so that's a pretty huge change from just a few years ago!


Blogger Kelly said...

That's awesome! I would love to get Rocky on a treadmill - he has so much extra energy. Good luck (both of you)!

1:58 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Remember The Jetsons cartoon? If it worked for them ...

Oscar is too cute. He's made my day for sure.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Kadiddly said...

Ha! At least he's having fun!

I saw a pitbull pup the other day at PetSmart, and he was the sweetest thing! His owner said he was only five months old, and you could tell that he was TRYING SO HARD to be good, but just had way too much energy to pull it off. He was so cute!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!
Congrats on the cool present for yourself and the kids! Looks like fun :-)

Miss you - hope you are well.


Nancy, Gracie, Emma and Glenn

3:55 PM  

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