Sunday, February 08, 2009

... it's what's for dinner

Yesterday I went into work for what I thought was going to be a nice, short, four-hour-or-so day. I wasn't hungry before I went in, and figured since it was a nice, short, four-hour-or-so day I didn't need to eat to prevent hunger.

Can you see what's coming here?

Yeah. Miscommunication meant I was there for eight hours, not four. By hour six, I had a headache and was feeling a little jittery.

And there were these dog cookies.

I would like to say I mean cookies shaped like dogs.

I don't.

In my defense, it was 100% organic, vegetarian, mostly rolled oats with some apples and coconut, sweetened with honey, brown sugar and with yogurt icing.

Dammit, I ate a dog treat, and if I had to, I'd do it again.

You have to admit it - if this is what stood between you and certain death (or at least certain crankiness) you'd probably give in, too.
it's what's for dinner

It was actually pretty good.


Blogger rho said...

doesn't look too bad and the ingredients sound pretty much like any cookie :)

9:06 PM  
Anonymous k said...

I went into a corner grocery to look around. they had their own butcher shop inside, and they had these cool treats that sounded delicious, until I realized they were for dogs. (They had liver in them. That should have been a giveaway.)I was tempted....

(My magic word is "xylyst." "Yes, I am a Julliard-trained xylyst.")

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Amester -
Good ingredients - no harm done...
I want to know if you ate it out of a doggie bowl?

Love you!


1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dry biscuit with pretty icing is fine, easy to explain...but I've actually looked at canned cat food and thought about Chef Boyardee...

7:40 PM  
Blogger weebug said...

i'm right behind you on that, it doesn't look too bad at all!

10:18 PM  
Blogger TGL said...

When my mom was a little girl her big sisters gave her a dog biscuit to eat and told her it was a cookie. She ate it happily but didn't understand why they were laughing so hard. She said it just tasted like a stale graham cracker. What you ate sounds like what they sell in Whole Foods as all-natural kiddie treats!


3:44 PM  

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