Monday, March 09, 2009

Hands in the air, screaming WWWWWHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I came to a difficult decision last weekend that I needed to leave one of the two places I've been working lately. I like the guys in the office, we laugh like crazy whenever we're together, but the office itself is so very disorganized that they've been costing me money. So after another straw got laid on my camel-like back, I decided I'd had enough and told them I wasn't going to be working there anymore. They spent several phone calls trying to convince me to change my mind, but it just wasn't working out. So I finally got through to them today.

I hung up the phone feeling frustrated, disappointed, guilty (I hate quitting) and angry.

Then I went to check e-mail, and got an e-mail from a lawyer friend/associate that B-More Dog got our notice today of being approved for 501c3 status by the IRS.  This is mind boggling.  I very well may have screamed out loud.  We were told the average time for a decision was between six and twelve months.  That there may or may not be at least one time that the IRS wrote to us asking for clarification on issues.  We submitted our application almost exactly two months ago, and they didn't need clarification on anything.  That's FAST. In fact, our lawyer (the aforementioned friend/associate) said she's never seen a group approved as fast as we were.

That amazing news that still has me giddy comes less than twenty-four hours after a very productive meeting to discuss one of B-More Dog's programs.  Called B-More Responsible and already approved by Baltimore City officials, we'll be doing a program for people who've received citations from Animal Control teaching them about how to be responsible dog owners, why leashes are important, how health and behavior are linked, why "letting dogs do what dogs do" isn't necessarily appropriate for human society and how owners need to take accountability for the behaviors of their animals.  We've secured a video crew and several experts to help us with pre-taped portions of the program, and are scripting out the interactive discussion sections.

In addition, a local film program is doing a documentary on B-More Dog for a class project, and we're getting clips for that.  Oscar and I will be doing a demonstration of Rally Obedience:

(this is a class a few months ago - we'll do a new course for the doc)

and we'll be interviewed as well (well, I'll be interviewed, Oscar will likely just toss a little Blue Steel their way).

So it's been a bit of a roller coaster today, but what a ride.


Anonymous k said...

So, like, things are coming together?

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