Monday, March 30, 2009

Help Stewie!

There's a great new program in Baltimore called Spay Maryland, which offers low-cost spays and neuters in our area. Recently that organization has been working with another group called Baltimore Cares About Pets to help a cat named Stewie that was caught in a housefire. His owner was disabled and unable to pay for the vet care the cat needed, so the two groups stepped in and are trying to help.

Here are the details:

On Tuesday, March 11th, a house in Brooklyn Park, Md caught fire. The homeowner, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, was able to escape with his dog but could not find his cat. Luckily, firefighters found the cat, Stewie, and quickly treated him for smoke inhalation. Stewie was taken to a local veterinary hospital for treatment but his owner, who lost everything in the fire except his beloved pets, was unable to pay for the rising costs of Stewie's care. An organization called Baltimore Cares About Pets was contacted about Stewie's case and they contacted our organization to see if we could help. We are now making special accomodations to provide for Stewie's care. Right now, we are looking for donations to help Stewie's owner pay off his remaining balance at the hospital that originally treated Stewie. We are also taking donations to use towards caring for Stewie at our hospital.

Through all of this, Stewie has maintained his sweet personality. He's a very nice young cat (only a year old) and he still purrs at our doctor and technicians as they provide him with care. Baltimore Cares About Pets has made a couple of Craigslist postings about this as well. The first is located here: and the second, with pictures, is here:

If you could help us spread the word about Stewie's case I would be very grateful! I know that cats are outside of your normal focus, but as an animal lover I thought you might be able to help us out. Maybe a blog post might help? I'm not sure if there are any good email lists you know of where I could post this, or any other well-trafficked blogs for the area that might be interested in the story, but if you're aware of any please do let me know! We're trying to reach out as much as possible to raise funds for a very deserving little kitty.

If anyone out there has a soft spot for cats, please contact Chris at

Looks like Stewie's got some good folks in his corner.


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