Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Start of Liberty's Journey

This is what cowered in the backseat of my car for 40 minutes Friday evening.

She didn't move, but sat curled up in the tightest ball she could maneuver, just shaking for the entire time.

At my house, she has her own crate.

It looks like a mansion around her little body, but it's less than 36 inches in any direction.

I leave the door open when I'm in the house, so she can come and go as she pleases (since none of the other animals are pestering her, and she doesn't seem bothered by their occasional visits) and this is about as far away from the crate as she'll get on her own.

(you can't see the poop on the bottom right - she's so terrified of being outside, that even though I do believe she's housetrained, she got out of her crate, pooped, and covered it with a towel. Fiona actually found it for me.)

She has no problems with any of the other animals, but only one of them will sit where I want them to sit long enough for me to take a picture

Not a great angle for size comparison, and I'm not super crazy about the body language going on here, but that's as tense as the language got, and Oscar was excused immediately after I took the picture.

(I do NOT recommend inexperienced people try to throw two dogs together to take a cute picture. I know Oscar pretty well, and pay very, very, close attention to body language. And I realize that if I'd been wrong about what I was seeing, this could have been a photo of a dog fight that ended in death. Use extreme care and patience when introducing a new animal to resident animals, and always, always be willing to accept that they might never get along.)


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