Saturday, May 30, 2009


In this corner...

Weighing in at 7 or 8 pounds, most of it fluff, wearing the pink floral collar and bell,

Fiona "The Dog Catcher" Mishelle!


In this corner...

Weighing in at 39 pounds, most of it scar tissue, wearing the lupine collar and purple tag,

Liberty "No Really, She's Weird Looking" Karma!


With several left hooks from Fiona, Liberty tries to head butt -- but then the illegal move from Fiona, who Mike-Tyson's Liberty into submission!!! In a great comeback, Liberty recovers from that, and attempts her trademarked "Back Scratcher" move to shake Fiona from her perch. Failing in that, she is forced to resort to girl-fighting like an elementary school play ground and win the match!


Blogger Unfringed said...

Wow, Fiona has gotten all grown up! What a pretty kitty! I guess it isn't a "catfight" even though both opponents are female?

4:57 AM  

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