Saturday, October 24, 2009

Be More on Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Today is the Third Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day!

In past years I've shown you videos and thrown facts at you.

This year, I need to ask you a favor.

B-More Dog has been chosen out of all the animal organizations in the country to be one of sixty four entered in Rachael Ray's Mutt Madness competition. It's run like a football playoff, with half the groups each week moving on to the next level. Each time they do, they win money. The last group standing wins $50,000!

There are some really amazing groups in this competition - sixty-four really amazing groups, to be exact. And B-More Dog is still fairly new, having been an official non-profit for less than a year. But we've done terrific things already.

We've gone to a few schools in Baltimore with our dogs, and taught the kids how to behave around dogs, taught them why abuse and dog fighting is wrong, and encouraged them to work with their own dogs in training classes - after we left, one youth said he wanted to be a dog trainer when he grew up!

We've collected leashes and collars for free distribution to those who don't have their dogs properly secured.

And our biggest accomplishment, in my opinion, is B-More In Control, a program the city backs fully, that we've given at several area shelters. Targeted towards people who've received citations on animal issues, but free to anyone who wants to attend, we're teaching people how to better judge canine body language, where to find activities they can do with their dog that will help keep the dog happy and healthy and within the confines of the law.

$50,000 could go a long way for a group like this in spreading these programs to a larger audience, finalizing lesson plans and audio-visual additions to the program that would allow us to go beyond Baltimore, and helping everyone realize that breed of dog doesn't matter, taking responsibility does.

Please, please sign on to Rachael Ray's website and register to vote in Mutt Madness.

As I said, it's like a sports play off, so you'll have to vote for a group in each of the brackets. Also as I said, all sixty-four groups are really amazing, so you can't go wrong no matter who you vote for. The first round ends tomorrow, October 25 - Please vote for B-More Dog to continue!!!

And tell everyone you know!


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