Sunday, February 07, 2010

a lazy girl's exercise regime

Was your New Year's Resolution to lose weight?

Well, Liberty Sue just might have the answer for you! Inspired by the cats she lives with, Liberty has developed her very own work out program*. In just two minutes a day, you can do this, too, using just the items already found around the house!

First, gather together an old armchair and a sunbeam. Then, for two solid minutes, attempt to lie comfortably on the top of the armchair in the sun, changing positions as comfort dictates. Because you're focused on that sunbeam, you won't even notice that you don't actually fit, and that you are having to hold yourself up using the strength of your forearms, biceps, and abs! It's a full body workout, and it can be yours for not $199.99, not $99.99, not even $9.99! That's right, for the low low cost of just the time of your life spent reading this post that you'll never get back, you can have a body like Liberty's!

*Please consult your physician before attempting this or any other exercise program.
Side effects are bruising from slamming your face against the window as squirrels pass, heart conditions as cats jump up behind you suddenly, and shattered dignity if your workout is posted on the internet. Please see another couch if any of those conditions occur.


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