Friday, December 17, 2004

The fifth thing my Christmas bonus got for me is FIIII-BERRRLYYYY KARMA!

the new Golding Spindle

another sweater of Cascade

a sweater's worth of Cascade

and a letter expressing their thanks...


I decided a significant portion of my bonus would go to the annual Knitter's Review Heifer Project Drive. Once I figure out how much tax came out of the bonus, I'll know exactly how much I'm giving, but it will be at least 20% of what I got. I've got it pretty good. Even if it's hard (and it is) to part with money that should logically be going to pay off bills, this is a better thing. Heifer teaches people how to survive, how to use what they're given to make a better life. This is the least I can do. I hope you'll do a little something too. Check out the organization, it's a really good thing, and you can buy portions of gifts as well, so you don't have to sell your first born to feel like you're doing some good. (one year, my family got a donation made in our name by good friends of ours as a holiday gift - this could be a fantastic gift for those people at work you have to buy for but don't know what to get....)

And I know the karma's already kicking in for me. Why do I say this? Because I discovered this morning that I can go at least 85 miles with the idiot light on before my car is officially out of gas. I learned this - stupidly, since both my brother and husband are in another state, so I would have been pretty well stranded - because work is 37 miles one way. The idiot light came on just before I got home Wednesday. I drove to and from work yesterday with it on. And then headed out this morning, thinking I'd go to the cheap gas station about halfway there. About 15 miles from the cheap gas station, dear little Norman started choking. I was able to pull off the highway and coast into a gas station at the next exit.

They even had coffee.

This, my friends, is what I mean by karma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Amie - what a great organization to give to! Your generosity should most certainly bring you good karma just as the many kind words you send out in comments and emails do. Hope you do enjoy some of the fibery good things for yourself though. It sounds like you've earned it.


12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amie,you are so right. What luck. What a spindle!What a haul! And best of all, you know that someone really does appreciate you.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you again have made my day
and restored my faith in humanity

5:03 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Ooh, I LOVE that spindle! I almost bought it for myself ... except I already have a Golding, and a Mongold, and a Bosworth ... and, well, I don't use any of them! So. I'll just have to worship yours from afar. :-)


Jen/The Spirit Trail

9:21 AM  

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