Thursday, March 31, 2005

First things first, this is the picture I forgot yesterday. It's a very well loved Stephen, Trevor's favorite toy, caught between games last night. Trevor thanks you for all the kind wishes (which were read to him last night as he sat on my lap) and also celebrated turning the big oh-five by killing a catnip pillow, picking on Aslan and Oscar mercilessly, and nearly giving me a heart-attack when he actually stuck his head INSIDE the pitbull's mouth. The now-nominated-for-sainthood-dog Oscar just rolled his eyes at me, and I separated them immediately.

And once again, you cannot have my husband. The story I didn't tell you about him buying me all those books Monday, but not Stephanie's book, was a little more complicated. I ordered it, as I said, from Amazon, back in 2004. Amazon was claiming it hadn't been released yet, and I was hearing stories of folks having in in their possession. Now, as dearly as we all love our Harlot, I doubt that there were Harry-Potter-like stolen copies about, so I suspected that the book actually had been released. However, GB put our name on the list to be called when it was "released" -- and then went back and got it without telling me! Okay, so he's not perfect (not liking vinegar and Old Bay on his fries, for example) but I think I'll keep him. Because here it is!
Aslan is so excited!!!

Here are the buttons I told you about for the baby sweater - I think they work, don't you?

But now for my heartache.
For weeks, my "work project" has been Shedir, that gorgeous pattern from Knitty's Cancer issue. (remember this? That's what it was, and is a much better representation of the color) The hat with all these gorgeous cables:

Doing it at work, I could only grab a row or two on occasional days, so I've been working on this for some time. It is the very first project I've ever followed to the tee- no changes of my own, even using the recommended yarn. It was going to be a special surprise for a new friend - do you know her? You should, she ROCKS. In addition, I could use it as a stash buster, since I had this one ball of a discontinued color of Calmer, and the pattern called for one ball. There are (I think) 83 rows of this pattern, and this is what I had left after row 64:

That's right, I'm out of yarn. The star shows where I ran out. I think you can guess what the frowny face means.

It seems to me that's an awful lot of pattern left there to run out of yarn. I suspect my ball may have been a bit short on the yardage.

I love the pattern, and I have a ball of a light icy blue (although Sarah prefers jewel-tones, so the darker color would have been perfect) so I may try it again... when I've recovered.

I was so pissed last night at this damn hat... I cast on for a cotton top, for myself, my own design, which I'm winging.


Blogger David said...

Ouch! Now I don't feel so bad accidentally deleting my blog template and having to restore from backup.... : /

May your quest for the perfect yarn be speedy and richly rewarded! : )

2:16 PM  
Blogger --Deb said...

Oh no! Is there anyway you could finish the top of the hat in a different, coordinating color? I mean, it would just be the crown of the hat, wouldn't it? Not bad, even if it IS pastel for a jewel-tone person. (A little variety never hurt anyone, and yes, those cables are luscious.)

The baby buttons for the baby sweater are PERFECT.

Your husband definitely gets good-hubby points for going above and beyond in search of Stephanie's book . . . it was worth it, too, huh?

And of course, happy 5th to Trevor! I can't believe Chappy's almost 4 . . . these four-legged kids grow up SO fast!

3:00 PM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Amazon is so frustrating at times. I ordered my husband some Sherlock Holmes DVD's in January that said they would ship in 2 to 3 days. Well it's April 1 tomorrow and still no DVD's. Now they say that haven't been released even though their website says they were released Sept 21 '04. At least they did give me a $15 gift certificate for my troubles, but it still irks me that their website syas they'll be shipped in 2-3 days, maybe they should change days to months.

Anyway, the buttoms are adorable with that sweater.

5:12 PM  
Blogger vi said...

ok, go two shades lighter and then three shades lighter...
so it sort of fades at the top?
it's either that.....
or some sort of wild fake fur that will look like a weird 'do'
hopeing this helps
ps: Fawn the retired cattery queen is here. upstairs under the bed

6:30 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Okay - tomorrow I'll be able to say that MD is NEXT MONTH! Woot!

Although I'm totally late to the party, if you are ever looking for another funny book, try "Mama Makes Up Her Mind" by Bailey White. I remember laughing hysterically at that book. ;)

Your kitties are darling as always, as are you.

See you *almost* next month!!!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Sarah said... are just so completely a SWEETHEART!!! I can't believe you were knitting me that beautiful hat! Wow. Those cables are absolutely luscious. I don't care if you finish the top in some different color! Whatever works -- I am just so appreciative of your doing this immensely kind, generous thing for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and being such a pal. :) (And Aslan is so photogenic!)

11:19 PM  

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