Monday, November 26, 2007

What Haven't I Done?

It's been a very hectic month, but I'm alive! So much has gone on, it may be more concise to explain what hasn't happened, so let's try that.

First off, this is not the computer I'm using.

That computer completely died, of similar symptoms to those I've been noticing (and complaining about to anyone who would listen, including Apple-lack-of-customer-service) since I got it. Thanks to a particularly wonderful relative, I have a loaner computer for now. Thanks to Apple, I lost something like 500 songs from my iTunes library, and I'm still battling that one out with them. Apple hates me.

This is not my cell phone.

My cell phone decided it hates me almost as much as Apple does, and after one attempt to run away from home (thwarted by a nice stranger in the park who found and returned it) it decided to drown itself in the dog's water bowl. Sprint says I have insurance, the insurance company says I don't, and until I can get the two to agree, I don't have a cell phone.

None of these dogs are mine. Left to right they are Esco (2nd place), Doc (1st place) and Jesse James, all sweet and beautiful rescue dogs who won in the faux-Conformation competition at the National Pitbull Championships this year. Faux because neutered animals can't technically win conformation. But they are lovely, fun dogs, and isn't Doc cute how he never takes his eyes off his mom?

My dog did not compete in any events that weekend. I've told him it's because he's so cute it would have embarrassed the other dogs. Please don't mention that the real truth is that with all the stimuli around he would have peed himself into a severe state of dehydration and then just stroked out trying to bounce around and say hi to everyone and everything.

These are also not my dog. This is Foster and puppy Pebbles, also at the Championships, but just as spectators.

I am not knitting this hat. I did knit a very nice hat that will be a gift for someone who has relatives who read this, and therefore posting photos would spoil the surprise.

And I'm also not knitting this (but I'd like to be, so if any family members/friends/secret admirers/adoring fans want to buy this, the kit is on sale here and I have loved and wanted it for years.

I am knitting lots of gifts, so I'll do my best to remember to photograph them once the recipients see them.

And that's all the catch-up I have time for now, what with all those gifts to finish making.

Marriage is love.