Monday, July 20, 2009

Oscar and Liberty Go To the Pool (that's TO, not IN)

Our friend Cristyn invited Liberty and Oscar over to her back yard to see how they would like swimming. So off we went...

and in some especially brave moments
but never actually got IN.

There was a lot of exploring of the yard,

and trying to find the dogs that were barking inside

And there was also peeing with the shockingly impressive quantity only Oscar can manage, but I'll spare you photos of that. (Let's just say Cristyn's male dog may have dehydrated himself several times over trying to cover all of Oscar's marks)

But mostly Liberty tried to point out that even though she bunny hops, she is not a beach bunny.

However, Oscar felt this sign was appropriate

because if you aren't wary, there will be a great deal of this

and this

and occasionally some of this

And for the last two photos, Oscar gives his impression of a Great Dane:

And Liberty says "Thanks, Cristyn - can we come play again soon???"
(how's that for a fearful pit bull, huh?)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

... I hope he'll stay Six forever and ever!

(Generally we celebrate Oscar's birthday on the Fourth, but YouTube took so long to upload this that we're stretching it out a little)

Marriage is love.