Monday, September 27, 2010

What Positive Training Can Do

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chief of Security (and Deputy Dog)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

He who shall be named

Meet Sterling!

I didn't come up with it, but PugsAndKneedles (who suggested it) was dead on - it matches his color and his personality. He's such a sweet little charmer, and a real looker to boot. Shame he finds my house so dreadfully uncomfortable...


Sunday, July 04, 2010

America's Dog - The American Pit Bull Terrier / American Staffordshire T...

Happy 7th birthday to my very best friend - Oscar!

Monday, June 28, 2010

How to wash leather

So the new chap is fitting in quite nicely, follows me around when the other cats let him, doesn't mind them at all, and is still trying to figure out the rules (which the other cats are changing, because, they're cats and obnoxious is in their job description). Additionally, his tail is looking better (now about three weeks post amputation) and he's getting around far better on his gimpy leg than I expected.

The vets say the leg is nerve damage, and will either heal on its own in the next few months or be a permanent limp. Either option is fine with me. He does use the leg, gesturing, in the litter box, and to slap the dogs when they sniff too close, he just doesn't like to put weight on it. He just carries it off the ground (like in the picture) when he moves, unless he really needs it for balance, in which case he leans on the elbow, rather than the foot.

Anyway, this weekend the shelter held a yard sale, and I saw something that I thought would go nicely with the sock monkey collar Oscar wears, or the floral filigree pink collar Liberty has:

A spiked black leather cat collar for the gimpy amputee.

He is unimpressed.

Nevertheless, I think it's pretty fabulous, but am thinking I'd like to clean it before putting it on him - any suggestions how to do that?

(and no, he doesn't have a name yet)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello, My Name Is {insert name here}

So someone came home today that needs a special name. (here is where my parents take a deep sigh and roll their eyes). He is an iron grey (not tabby at all) and white cat, about two years old, that I pulled literally out of the hands of the euthanasia tech at the shelter. I understand the choice - he's not particularly adoptable - but he's really an amazing cat. And now he lives here. Because I needed another animal - especially a male - like I needed a dozen new holes in my head. His shelter name is Domino, which I'm not crazy about, and here's his (often unpleasant and graphic) story:

About two weeks ago, I was cleaning "Kitty Korner" (one of the cat rooms) and I saw this grey cat who seemed to have something sticking to his tail. The cat had been in the shelter for about two days (had been a stray before) and I assumed it was poop or litter or something. So I got a soapy rag, reached in and ran the rag down the cat's tail. The cat didn't struggle or complain, just nuzzled up against me sweetly. When I pulled the rag away, it was covered in blood and maggots.

Upon closer inspection, there were four large open and obviously infected wounds running down his tail. The end of his tail looked like it had a string with a puff ball hanging off of it. It didn't - the tail was open to the bone all the way around, with an inch of furred tail beneath that. He never complained that I touched what must have been excruciatingly painful, he never did anything but react like he though I was a pretty righteous chick.

It was quickly determined that Domino needed to have his tail removed, or he wouldn't make it - we put him on antibiotics and got him in for surgery the very next day. The day after that, with signs up about how terrible he must feel, warning people not to touch him and trying to explain the predicted groggy behavior, I went in to check on him. I opened his cage door, and he jumped into my arms.

I put him back gently and went up front, asking them to put a note in his file that if it came time to euth him, I wouldn't let that happen.

In addition to the tail injury, there's something wrong with his shoulder that prevents him from putting any weight on his right front leg. He doesn't mind his leg being manipulated (he's not crazy about it - he is a cat after all - but he tolerates it) and he can move the leg around on his own, but he has an extreme limp when he accidentally puts weight on it.

And right now, we have no space. None at all. Every time animal control brings in a new cat or dog, it means we have to pick a cat or dog we already have and put them down to make space. Summer SUCKS in shelters. Earlier this week we got rid of (through euth, rescues, or taking them to our cat barn) all the cats who had behavior problems or were sick. And today it was time to pick cats that have nothing wrong with them at all. I couldn't let Domino be one of those. I just couldn't.

So he's home now, and is more comfortable in his new surroundings than I have ever seen a cat settle in - ever. Everyone here has had a chance to sniff him (while he was in the carrier) and he just sat there, gazing at everyone calmly, and now he's in the spare room settling in. He won't be allowed out for a day or two, I think, and will be put back in the spare room while I'm not home for a few weeks after that. Technically he's a foster at the moment, the shelter will cover his shoulder being looked at and any treatment resulting from that, and then once that's done an adoption can be made final.

But he needs a name - something strong and brave and sweet and charming and encouraging...
Not too much for one little cat, right?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Vote for Liberty!!!

People's Choice Pitbull Calendar

A $1 donation to PBRC helps Liberty become a calendar girl!

Marriage is love.